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Regional Thinning

Treatment Detail

Lipolysis (regional fat melting) is a body shaping method, not a weight loss method. It can be used on areas such as belly, base, arm, back and even jowl that you cannot get rid of despite losing weight. When the appropriate patient is selected, it is a very effective treatment method as it gets results close to liposuction.

In practice, some tissue revitalizing and blood flow increasing substances are used, as well as fat-breaking substances such as phosphatidyl choline, caffeine, carnitine obtained from soy. It is a treatment applied as an average of 2-8 sessions at intervals of 2 weeks, depending on the condition of the problem.

Another method we use in regional thinning is hot lipolysis (focused ultrasound). Pain is not felt during the applications performed as 1-2 sessions at 1 month intervals; Thinning is seen after about 4-6 weeks. Very successful results are obtained in the combined applications of lipolysis and hot lipolysis.