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Hair Loss Prevention

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Hair loss can have many different causes and there are also several different types depending on the causes. Nutritional factors, genetic predisposition, hormonal factors, exposure to chemical substances, immune system diseases, hair growth disorders, drug use, psychological disorders, stress and skin diseases in the scalp areas can cause temporary or permanent hair loss.

Androgenic alopecia, also called baldness, is a genetic condition that can affect anyone. This condition is called male pattern baldness for men. This type of hair loss may first start in adolescence or early 20s for men. It usually begins as a receding hairline and the gradual loss of hair from the crown and anterior scalp.

For women, this condition is called female pattern baldness. In women, no significant thinning is observed until middle age. This situation shows itself as a general thinning on the whole head in women and focuses on the crown area.

Preventing baldness before the hair is completely destroyed and treating the cause can reduce the occurrence of baldness or delay the age of onset.

While systemic treatments, especially the treatment of diseases that cause baldness and causes such as anemia, hormonal disorders, are performed, local hair mesotherapy, hair PRP and stem cell treatments should be added to the scalp.