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Botox in 7 Questions

We asked our medical aesthetic physicians what you wonder about botox, which you hear very often in daily life. Our medical aesthetic physicians, Dr. Ayşegül GİRGİN and Dr. İsmail Metin HOŞER answered all the details about botox prices from the eyes of an expert, not just hearsay, for the guests of Smileest Clinic.

What is Botox?

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a Protein obtained from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It shows its effect by preventing the release of substances that provide conduction in the nerve endings, and by stopping the transmission between the nerves and the organs reached by the nerves. The cessation of nerve conduction ensures that the functions of the organ reached by the nerve are reduced or completely lost. It can be used for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, to reduce facial wrinkles that occur with the movements of mimic muscles, to prevent their formation and to reduce sweating in areas with excessive sweating, and in the treatment of chronic migraine. (Wikipedia)

Are There Any Side Effects of Botox?

No known side effects of Botox have been observed to date. The effects of the treatment are limited only to the area where it is applied. In applications made by people or businesses that are not experts or can be described as under the stairs, undesirable results may occur, not side effects. There is no medicine that can eliminate or correct the negative effects of operations performed in the wrong hands. To be able to diagnose, it is necessary to wait for the expiration of the effect in order for the effect to disappear.

At the time of application, a slight swelling, redness, maybe instant bruising may appear due to the needle. In such cases, these small effects can be easily covered with the make-up materials we use in daily life. There is no harm in renewing it after the effect wears off and you can use it for a lifetime without any limitations. Although it is an extremely safe treatment method, it has FDA approval.

What are the drugs that reduce the effect of Botox?

There is no drug that reduces the effect of Botox, and there is no antidote to eliminate its effect. The only method that can reduce the effect is waiting, that is, time. Antioxidants, which increase the metabolic rate in the body, can shorten the duration. While there is an enzyme that dissolves the filling in the filling method, this enzyme is not found in botox. In order to reduce its effect, the time can be shortened by applying treatments that accelerate circulation (such as Prp gold needle, etc.).

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What Should Be Done / What Should Not Be Done After Botox?

  • There is no harm in washing or getting the application area wet, but it should be avoided to enter a very hot environment such as a hammam and sauna for 3 hours.
  • Avoid exposure to intense sunlight and heat for 3 hours
  • Strenuous physical activity and exercises should be avoided for 3 hours.
  • Do not rub, do not massage the injection sites for 3 hours,
  • Avoid prolonged upside down activities for 3 hours
  • Do not lie face down for 3 hours
  • Move your mimic muscles after the application,
  • Do it regularly and continuously,

Which is the Best Botox Brand?

There are 2 brands approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. These brands are Allergan BOTOX and IPSEN Dysportturher botox brands. Both are safe and effective brands worldwide. Both brands are FDA-approved and CE-certified products with drug status. Brands other than these brands are not licensed in Turkey. There are many botox brands on the market that are supplied with illegal methods. The safety of these products, which are not known under which conditions (botox drugs should come in the cold chain under normal conditions), is T.C. are not guaranteed by law.

Legal Warning: Since you cannot have a legal basis for the negative complications that may be encountered in the application with an unlicensed product, it will be healthier for our guests who want to have the application to question the reliability of the brand to be applied before the price research.

What are Permanent Botox Prices?

Discourses and advertisements such as “Permanent Botox” and “The cheapest permanent botox prices”, which come across as one of the easy and false money making strategies, mislead the customer. The effect of Botox application starts to be seen in 3-5 days. It takes 10-14 days to see the full effect. The period of removal of botulinum toxin from the body is about 4 months. However, its visible effects can continue for 3-5 months, with varying times from person to person, so the term permanent botox is not a correct statement.

What are the 2021- 2022 Botox Prices in Istanbul?

Many people / clinics or companies in the market can give different prices for the application. We would like to remind you again. Since you cannot have a legal basis for the negative complications that may be encountered in the application with an unlicensed product, it would be healthier for our guests who want to have botox to question the reliability of the application brand before the price research.

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